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My work expresses my love for all people and the beauty found in God's Creation. As an artist, I believe that the highest calling for an artist is to pursue excellence in craftsmanship and to bring all one's talents to bear in the service to humanity.

I have begun this blog to share with you my journey though the many forms of artistic expression that I use to bring joy and beauty to others. Today I am discussing my jewelry and later I will discuss my painting and textile work .

If you are interested in purchasing any of the art you see here, email me at vickiepoirier @ gmail dot com You can also fax me at 1-303-362-8465. I accept most major credit cards. Click on a category in the archive to see the different types of jewelry.

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Monday, May 17, 2010


The following are pieces that are wired in a free form style done in either gold filled or sterling wire.  The come in many color themes with a central flower and side sprays.  There are little dangles of pearls or Swarovsky crystals which add a lovely shimmering effect as they move. Price depends on complexity and materials.   They come in different colorways.  While no two are exactly alike, I can make one in a specified color.   They have earrings which could also be ordered separately.

Spring Garland  $225  Pink Shell, Keshi and Freshwater pearls, Swarovsky crystal dangles, Czech glass.

Rose Quartz Garland  $175  Rose Quartz, Keshi and Freshwater pearls, Swarovsky crystal dangles, Czech glass.

The following are wired sprays of Keshi pearls with accents on a pearl necklace. they come in several colors, some of which are not shown such as copper, peach and blue.   The prices vary according to the cost of materials.  The larger and thinner the Keshi pearl is, the more expensive it is.  They make nice bridal necklaces and matching earrings are available.  They are equally at home with a suit or a top and jeans. You could also order the earrings separately.

Keshi Garland White  $185  Keshi and Freshwater pearls, Swarovsky crystal dangles, Czech glass.
Keshi Garland Grey  $380 Keshi and Freshwater pearls, faceted labradorite,  Swarovsky crystal dangles, Czech glass, sterling silver.

Keshi Garland Aqua   $185  Keshi and Freshwater pearls, Swarovsky crystal dangles, Czech glass.

The following are luxurious garlands that comepletly circle the neck.  The have little sprays with tiny Swarovsky dangles that provide continuous shimmer and motion.  The come in several colors such as peach, white, blue, copper and pink.  The color is dependant on the availability of keshi pearls of sufficient quality and properly placed drill holes.  I hand select all my pearls for their quality and lustre.
Peach Blossom Garland  $1150  Keshi Pearls, Swarovski crystals.  I also have this in rose pink and called Apple Blossoms. 
Blue Blossom Garland $1100 (sold)   Keshi and freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, faceted jade.  (I have enough pearls to make a variation of this necklace).

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